3D Modeling

3D Modeling for Miniatures

Do you need a Miniature from a real object?

  • We can convert any object in 3D and send you a STL file for 3d printing.
  • We can also 3D the model for you.

3D Modeling for Jewelry

If you need convert your ideas into jewelry pieces, let me help you:

  • Creation of 3D models of classic jewelry based on your drawings/photos. I work with Rhino 3D, de facto standard in CAD for jewelry
  • Creation of organic models using Zbrush. 
  • Realistic renders to include in your shop or show to your customer for approval.
  • Convert/ Fix 3D meshes for printing: STL or Rhino (3DM).
  • Do you need your piece finished in silver/gold/bronze? Cufflinks, rings, pendant, etc… we can do it for you. You will receive the finished piece in your mailbox!.

3D Modeling for Realtime

If you need a 3d model for use in your app, video game or simulator, I can do it for you:

  • Low/high polygon geometries.
  • Creation of friendly UV, ready to paint in 2D using in photoshop or in other software.
  • Creation of textures: Diffuse , Specular, Ambient Occlusion, normal Mapping, displacement…
  • Export to your favorite software: 3dsmax, FBX, OBJ, Maya, Zbrush, Mudbox, Unity ready, …

If you need any kind of 3d model don’t hesitate to ask me for a quote.